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Jill Stephenson-Long, Office Manager



Jill is the heart of the office, she keeps things organized and running smoothly. She is very informed and passionate about the NUCCA System. She has a nursing background and a good understanding of the body. She will do anything she can to help make your visits more enjoyable.


Joyce Sakon, Chiropractic Assistant


Joyce has been with us since 2006 after retiring as a school teacher. She is always there to help make your visit more enjoyable and keep things working efficiently. She is a great addition to our team.


Sam Roycroft


Bio Coming Soon!


Dr. Monika Herwig, B.S.C., ND


Dr. Monika Herwig B.S.C., ND, is a mother to two young adults and one puppy, a medically focused Yoga Instructor, a Calm Mind Acupuncturist, a Yoga Nidra (Restorative Sleep) Facilitator and a Restorative Yoga Mentor.

Dr. Monika includes Life Coaching in her work. She has completed the Life Coaching Foundations Training and is currently completing a Women-Centered Transformational Facilitation Training through the world renowned Institute of Women Centered Coaching + Leadership (Feminine Power Model). This breakthrough model of women’s life and wellness coaching addresses the challenges and barriers that women currently are bumping up against in a fresh, very effective, embodied and efficient way. (It’s exciting to fast track positive change!)

She has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine and running Wellness programs (from cooking and nutrition, to mindfulness for moms and yoga, to wellness programs in schools, to women’s empowerment) in the Bow Valley since 2000.

Dr. Monika attracts clients who are keen to take charge of their own health and wish to use natural remedies and a wholehearted, whole person approach. These are women who do not want to go through the motions and settle in life. They have in them the desire to make a positive difference in their family and/or the world. They want to live their best life, discover and share their gifts and love without burning out in the process. They know that their level of well-being affects what is possible in all the areas that make for a meaningful life: relationships, work, passion and purpose, creativity, play and fun, creating abundance, living with confidence, life enjoyment! AND so they prioritize getting support in this area!

Dr. Herwig mentors her clients individually as well as with her 3 month kickstarter signature programs that allow women to simply be supported to set in place the most important foundations for creating and maintaining a high level of health, energy, ease and inspiration in their lives.

In addition to her naturopathic medical tools (acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, yoga therapy and homeopathy) she advocates the use of art, storytelling, nature connection, mindfulness, yoga, laughter and play in getting and staying healthy. Dr. Monika works together with parents, caregivers and teachers to create healthy foundations for children so they can have the capacity in mind and body to thrive in our changing world.




My name is Harry, and I am a Registered Massage Therapist. I was previously practicing in Calgary and moved to the bow valley in January 2023. I am passionate about being a massage therapist as I love to heal people and be a part of their healing journey. I specialize in, but not limited to deep tissue, relaxation, and therapeutic massage. I am also a level two Reiki practitioner. My goal is always to address my client's concerns and promote their health and well-being.

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