Postural Analysis


The Gravity Stress Analyzer (GSA) measures the amount of postural imbalance due to muscle contraction caused by a C-1 subluxation. This postural check provides many benefits for you by:

  • Reducing the need for pelvic x-rays (it may be required in the future, but initially this helps reduce unnecessary radiation.)
  • Checking the accuracy of the leg length check.
  • Measuring the effect of the C-1 adjustments on the spine.
  • Measuring the amount of spinal column distortion from the vertical axis.
  • Providing follow up comparisons of your original complaints.

The most indicative sign of a C-1 subluxation is the short leg. Symptoms, or lack of symptoms, do not determine the presence of a C-1 subluxation and spinal imbalance.

On subsequent visits, the alignment is verified using a leg length check along with hip level measurements.

Healing is an ongoing process. Getting well takes time, just as it requires time to get sick. The need for the patient to hold the correction - to stay in adjustment - until complete healing takes place. All healing is self-healing (i.e.: repair of a broken bone). Self-healing is promoted by the adjustment and correction of the ASC Syndrome.

Such things as the length of time the misalignment-subluxation has existed, the care you take after the correction by avoiding stress factors, the possibility of stretched tendons and damaged ligaments, and lack of patient cooperation hinder recovery. You should report 'all injuries' to the doctor while under his care because even a seemingly minor injury can cause neurological problems, which can retard recovery or even prevent healing.

During the initial healing process it has been documented that patients receiving upper cervical care experience certain biomechanical or neurological stresses at predictable intervals. You will be monitored during this period on the days you are most likely to lose your alignment.

Following this schedule of care will optimize the benefits of your spinal correction and will increase the likelihood of a favorable response.

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