What Can I Expect?

Evaluation, Correction

Once you have decided to be examined for a spinal misalignment, an extensive evaluation process begins. The process begins by looking at your detailed health history including any past traumas, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, or other diagnostic tests including other x-rays. Your chief complaints, including location, onset, and duration must all be evaluated and assessed.

After concluding this initial process, the doctor will begin the steps necessary to determine if you are a candidate for NUCCA care.

Finding the problem

The NUCCA Doctor will focus attention on the relationship of the head to the neck. The top bone of the neck , known as the atlas must be in line with the head, as well as the vertebrae below.

Spinal injury or damage can misalign these structures resulting in:

1.Postural imbalance
2.Pelvic distortion
3.Leg length disparity also know as the “short leg” phenomenon

After a thorough case history you will lie on your back and a measurement of the leg length equality will be made. Additional evaluation will include in depth postural analysis. Your spine will be evaluated for motion and tension. Computerized assessments will evaluate a baseline for your spine & nervous system function.

If a spinal misalignment is located by history and examination, a series of x-rays are taken. It is important to know you would only be accepted as a patient if the consultation and exam results indicate that you could benefit from NUCCA care. The x-rays are only taken if care is to be initiated.

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